Introduction: Robotic Car Kit Assembling and Controlling by PS2 Wireless Remote

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This Project is related to basic steps in Robotics world, you will learn to assemble a 4WD Robotic car kit, placing hardware on it and controlling it with wireless PS2 remote.

Step 1: Car Chassis and Assembling

Yo can use any robotic car chassis for this project, only you need to make a lil changing in hardware and program according to your chassis. I'm using a 4WD Robotic Car Kit for this project.

Check the attached video to learn assembling.

Step 2: Components

Step 3: Hardware Connections

I haven't found PS2 Receiver part in fritzing, so I take out some wire from Arduino Pins, and I will explain its connection, its very simple.

As you can see attached pictures, we are using 6 pins from the PS2 Receiver (DATA,COMMAND,+3.3V,GND,ATTENTION,CLOCK).

Arduino Pin----------------------PS2 Receiver Pin

DATA----------------------------------Pin 12

COMMAND--------------------------Pin 11

+3.3V----------------------------------3.3V pin of Arduino


ATTENTION-------------------------Pin 10

CLOCK--------------------------------Pin 9

Step 4: Programming Part

Add the attached PS2 controller library in your Arduino IDE software, then upload the code in your Arduino Board.

Step 5: Note

Please Check the attached video with project for complete procedure.

You can use both joysticks on PS2 remote to control the car, press L1 to use left joystick, and R1 to use right joystick.


  1. Make sure the two right side motors are running in same direction and left side motors also runs in same direction. Change the polarity of any one motor from a side if both motors do not run in same direction.
  2. If you pushed the joystick forward and car goes reverse, alter the polarity of motors, or simply change the Arduino pins.

Step 6: Attention Please

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