Introduction: Rock & Mineral Collection Kit

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These are the supplies needed for your next rock hunting journey! Happy hunting!


  1. Guide books (fossils, rocks & minerals, and geology books) if you believe in crystal healing then bring it too
  2. Bag (knapsack, shoulder bag, or backpack)
  3. Chisel
  4. Hammer
  5. Sock
  6. Old Newspaper
  7. Gloves
  8. Writing tool (pencil, pen, or crayon)
  9. Notebook
  10. Pocket microscope or magnifying glass
  11. Camera

Step 1: Guide Books

Use to identify specimens. If you believe in crystal healing, bring a guide of that along too.

Step 2: Bag

Use a shoulder bag, backpack or knapsack too put tools or specimens in.

Step 3: Chisel & Hammer

For obvious uses.

Step 4: Sock and Hammer

Put a rock in the sock and hit it with the hammer to crack it open.

Step 5: Old Newspaper

Use it to wrap up rocks.

Step 6: Gloves

To protect hands.

Step 7: Writing Tool and Notebook

Use pencil pen or crayon.

Record notes in it.

If you use a pencil:

Bring a sharpener or knife.

Step 8: Pocket Microscope or Magnifying Glass

To look CLOSER.

Step 9: Camera

If you're wondering why it is in a bathroom; it's kind of hard to take a picture of a camera with its self without a mirror.

Step 10: Happy Hunting!