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Introduction: Make Your Night Light Rocket for Kids DIY

About: We are team of parents interested in Stem, Space and Science. We design projects for kids.

Does your kids love Space, Rockets and 3D printing? Then this tutorial how to make Night Light for kids DIY project is for you! Our Rocket Night Light is super easy to make. What we need for that? Almost nothing. We built a Rocket Night Light using seven grommets, eleven LEDs, can from beer (I think Dads will appreciate this part of project), and 3D printer.

What we like most of all in this project - it is our Rocket Night light doesn't require soldering at all!

Most time consuming part is 3D printing. To print seven parts of Rocket Night Light it takes about 7 hours. The rest is quite fast and easy. It takes about 15 minutes. Dads can make this project together with kids. You can have fun together. I would not allow children to cut foil, it can be a bit dangerous. The rest of project is absolutely safe and easy.

All STL files can be downloaded from our website:

Lets Get Started!

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  • 7 grommets d2.5mm l=10mm
  • 11 leds d=4.8mm of any color you like (we use blue)
  • 1 can from beer (any brand you like)
  • about 45 ramm of Filament for 3d printing (we used CoPET. Its is easy printable, strong and flexible enough)
  • 2 battaries AAA
  • 1 piece of sand paper

Step 1: Let:s Collect All We Need

Step 2: Step 1: Print Templates for Cutting the Aluminum Foil

  • Lets print templates first. Then we will start printing the rest parts. And we will have time for scratching and cutting.
  • We need to print two templates: face_rocket_template.stl and back_rocket_template.stl

Step 3: Prepare Aluminum Foil From a Can

  • Cut the foil plate from can. Make it flat as possible. You can use usual home scissors also.
  • !!!IMPORTANT!!! Scratch the foil with sandpaper. The foil is initially covered with a protective film. So we need to scratch it to have electric contact. One side is enough.
  • Step 4: Cut "aluminum Wires" From Aluminum Foil

    • Draw the wires with felt-tip pen.
    • Then cut with scissors. Make contour of cutting a bit bigger. Late we will correct that.

    Step 5: Print the Rest of the Rocket Night Light Parts

  • Download full Archive of STLs here. I used 0.2mm layer height and fill density 40%. It allows to save time. But you can experiment with that.
  • Printing doesn't need supports. I like that.
  • Step 6: Mount Our "custom Wires" and LEDs

    • Lets mount our custom wires on to "rocket-middle" part.
    • !!!IMPORTANT!!! It's important to avoid short soaking. Browse all tracks and cut it a bit if it is needed. Mount and check both sides.
    • !!!IMPORTANT!!! Its important to observe polarity. Place all LEDs with long leg to bottom. Otherwise it will not light.

    Step 7: Lets Mount Batteries - Night Light Almost Ready!

    Step 8: Check

  • We need to check 3 things: not having short circuit (if you have it - your batteries will heat fast). Check for good electric contact with LEDs. Use tweezers instead of switch (on this step) to check that LEDs are lighting.
  • Step 9: Mount a Switch

    • At first lets check. Did we placed a foil piece into upper part of switch? It's quite important. Otherwise the switch will not work.
    • Put upper part of switch and fasten with a grommet

    Hope your kids will enjoy it. Rocket Night light for kids seems to work!

    Step 10: Test the Night Light Again

    Step 11: Job Is Done

    It looks we did it! We made our Rocket Night Light for kids!

    Step 12: Enjoy


    We made one more Night light for kids:

    You can shop it at

    That's it! Enjoy!

    Thanks for watching!

    Post your comments, suggestions, make likes.

    Cats on a mission.

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      2 years ago

      Thanks Nikolaos! Its absolutely possible. Also you can use blinking LEDs, or alternating the colors of LEDs. So it can be a lot of variations!

      Nikolaos Babetas
      Nikolaos Babetas

      2 years ago

      That's a really creative idea! Good job! In the future you could also use a 18650 Li-On battery and a TP-4056 charger to make it rechargeable too!