Introduction: Rocket to Mars

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Hi friends today I going to teach you how to make rocket fly in tinkercad


Only your patience for listening and interest to know more

Step 1: Start You Code Block

Start to right your code block with concentration, every one listen carefully and do your own code block

Step 2: Bring Objects and Change Them According to You Want

In the above picture you can see that I have gave many shapes needed for the rocket and gave them appropriate size by giving the values of radius ,sides, edges and edge step

Step 3: Fixing the Height and Joining Them

Here you can see we can give the height of the object using X,y,z block each and every shapes are separate only but for joining we need to use create object and create group block

Step 4: Execution

Final step is to make the object as a single one and make it to fly .

Step 5: Conclusion

If you have any doubt see the above video or ask in comment box

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