Introduction: Rocking Chair for Garden

Its a very good rocking chair for garden or cottage.

But only then you make it by do it yourself. If you have to pay someone for it, it will be too expensive. Not to mention the fact that in the garden or near the summer cottage will like such a few and more

Step 1: Blueprint

Attach blueprint to Plywood 25mm

blueprint in pdf file

Step 2: Cut

Cut the line by sharp knife

Step 3: Mark

Mark line by marker

Step 4: Jigsaw

Take jigsaw and cut plywood by line

Step 5: Belt Sander

take belt sander and pulish sides

Step 6: Other Side Detail

draw with marker line plus 1cm by first detail

Step 7: Jigsaw Again

Jigsaw bay line otrher detail and brace it together

Step 8: Plunge Router

take plunge router and make other detail by first detail

take another plunge router for corners of details

Step 9: Drill Holes

Drill holes ineach detail

Step 10: Grinding

drinding each detail side by side

Step 11: Planks

make 3 planks from plywood 25mm

Step 12: Shims

make 6 shims

Step 13: Frame

frame is ready

Step 14: Make More Planks

make more plans from 12m plywood

make round corners and make holes

Step 15: Planks

tie planks together

Step 16:

Step 17: 17. Aluminium

add aluminium lath on the botom

Step 18: 18. Oil

Add linseed oil to all details

Step 19: 19. Good Job

and its ready