Introduction: Pink and Yellow Rocking Peep Toys

While creating this Instructable I was debating about whether I was allowed to call it a rocking horse, because it is a peep. I decided that I couldn't. I am entering it into the rainbow contest, so please vote for it.


You need

  • a Tinkercad account
  • patience

Step 1: The Body

Drag out a round roof and rotate it 180 degrees. Then change the dimensions to be 50 mm long, 20 mm as the width, and 10 mm high. Make it yellow or pink. I am making both for you to see. The pink I used is not in the preset colors, the hex # is: ff59ea. Then drag out a wedge and make it dimensions 4 mm high, 20 mm long, and 4 mm wide. Change it to whatever color your body is. Then position it on the body by raising it 10 mm and aligning it with the back of the body. Group the two shapes.

Step 2: The Seat

Drag out a round roof, and resize it to be 5 mm high, 20 mm long, and 30 mm wide. Then change it to a hole and rotate it 90 degrees. Raise it 5 mm, and put it somewhere towards the back of the peep's body. Group them.

Step 3: The Head

Use a scribble to draw a general peep shaped head. Resize it to your liking and place where the head of the peep goes. Then change it to the color of the peep rocking toy, and group them.

Step 4: The Feature

Drag out a cylinder and resize it to be 3mmx3mmx3mm. Then rotate it 90 degrees. Change the color to be either black or Hex # 572e0a. Then raise it to where you think the eyes should go and move them in. Then duplicate it and move it to the other side of the head. Then group them, and change it to multicolor.

You finished! Congratulations!