Introduction: Rollaway Magazine Tidy

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Here is a guide on how to make this snazzy rollaway magazine tidy from a wine crate. The project will cost you about £10 in total. You'll also have stuff left over to make future creations.

Step 1: Get a Wine Crate.

Wine crates are easy to come by and usually very cheap, sometimes even free. Majestic in the UK ask for a small donation for each box which they give to charity.

Step 2: Sand and Stain

Most wine crates have jagged edges, as the boxes are designed for purpose not display. Give the sharp edges a quick sand before staining.

I used mahogany stain but there are many different colours to suit your furniture or existing decor.

Get a cloth (that you can later dispose of), apply the wood dye to the cloth, rub the dye into the wood.

The more dye you use, the richer and more authentic the wood will look. I poured the wood dye straight onto the wood in some areas to make sure all the nooks and crannies were stained. If you choose to do this, make sure you're doing so in a wipe clean area as the dye will escape through cracks and end up on the floor!

Step 3: Give It Wheels

I bought some cheap castors from the hardware shop next door... if I was feeling really fancy... or a bit more patient, I'd have sourced some brass castors.

place the castors on the underside of the box and draw around them with a pencil to ensure they are all the same distance from the edge... you don't want it to roll on a wonk.

Use very short screws to attach the castors as you don't want them to come through the other side of the crate.

Step 4: Marvel at Your Creation

Once the dye has dried and you've cleaned the dye from your hands, face and everywhere else... arrange your newspapers and magazines.

I've added a plant to keep my magazines oxygenated (not necessary).

Once you're bored of looking at it, roll it away under your coffee table!