Introduction: Rolling Plants

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Have you ever raised plants? Have you ever had burned leaves because of the sun? It's a problem to solve and you have two solutions:

a) shades

b) bring the plant somewhere else

In most cases, a tall plant is planted somewhere (duh) so it's a bit difficult to relocate it without damaging the roots. A balcony box is only good for short plants, the tall ones will break without proper support.

So, how to solve this?

Step 1: Stuff Needed

Get an industrial storage box with wheels!

Depending on your plant, calculate the amount of needed soil (I'm not into hydro - yet) and the final weight! It can be pretty heavy and the wheels have their limits too! I used abou 50l soil (and it could hold a bit more) for my 4 plants.

Also a plywood sheet for mounting the tall plants, my tomato will be over a meter high.

Step 2: The Not So Trivial Assembly Part - Mounting the Plywood

You can fill the box with soil, assembling the box by attaching the wheels is easy, focus on the stuff you can mess or miss.

But mount the plywood first! Of course you won't find the perfect screw, so just use the ones you can find. Leave some space for the wheels and drive the screws from the box in the wood. Great! Now you have a multifunctional box - growing stuff in the front, medieval torturing every sunday on the back!

You can technically drink a bottle of wine after each screw, but it's dangerous. Also corks look dumb, so cut the screws! Of course use the strong ones but they are hard to cut with a wire cutter, so use angle cutters. Always use eye protection, the reason is shown in the attached video!

Step 3: The Waiting Game Before Harvesting

Now you can fill it with soil and plants, the box is full of life and won't help pets and children lose their eyes!

If your plant grows too high, just screw a hook in the plywood and fix your plant! The strawberries will probably grow some longer tendrils, those could be mounted too. Also just move your poor greens somewhere else if the weather is too bad.

Happy gardening!

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