Introduction: Rolling Storage Shelf Unit

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My cellar compartment is quite narrow and I have too much stuff in it....

So, I thougt about building a shelf that sits on wheels and just fits through the door. This way, you can access the most frequently used cellar stuff right away (for me, that is planting pots, potting soil and car accessories). If you have to delve deeper into the cellar, just pull out the shelf and start digging ;)

This was quite a quick and simple build... Not pretty, but it does what it's suppoed to.

It's just two shelves from the hardware store screwed together back-to-back and some wheels.

Luckily, the cheap shelves had exactly the right width to just fit through my cellar door! Otherwise, some more adjustments would have been necessary.


  • 2x Wooden storage shelves 40€
  • lumber for support bars 4€
  • 4x swiveling wheels 20€
  • some screws ~1€

total: ~65€


  • Electric Drill/Screwdriver (a screwdriver does the trick, but is less fun)
  • Jigsaw (Handsaw would be sufficient)
  • Clamps for screwing the pieces together
  • Measuring tape, Square and pencil (and the usual stuff you have in a workspace)

Hope you like it!

Step 1: Assemble the Shelves

The wood shelves from the hardware store were assembled accoding to the provided instructions.
Nothing much to say about this step... any monkey with a screwdriver could do that ;)

I made the shelf levels line up to maximize usability, but they can be adjusted otherwise.

Step 2:

The shelves were screwed together back-to-back and the feet in the middle were cut flush with a jigsaw.

A support bar was added at either side and swiveling wheels were mounted in the corners.

Take care that the wheels have enough room to spin freely!

Enlarge the pictures fore more information.

Step 3: Use It...

To access the stuff in the front of the shelf, I just have to open the door...

If I need something else, I pull out the shelf and roll it to the side to have full access to my cellar compartment :)

Hope you like it!

Please leave comments and ask questions if anything remains to be clarified!