Introduction: Roof Bee Sting Aerial Antenna Base Rubber Gasket Seal Grommet Replacement Fix Install Instruction Guide

The problem

The OEM seal on the base of the aerial deteriorates and fails.

The OEM seal on the base of the aerial of most vehicles is made from a poor quality rubber, this deteriorates over time causing the seal / gasket to crack, discolour and perish, ruining the aesthetics of the part and the sealing function. Often these can fail to the extent that the seal is lost or only semi intact. Failure of the sealing function of the base gasket can also in some cases lead to leaks within the cabin of the vehicle. It is extremely rare that the unit cannot be overhauled to restore function.

Symptoms of fault

It is easy to diagnose this fault by inspecting the base of the aerial; it is often evident visually if the seal is failing. It is not totally uncommon for the outside of the seal to appear intact but for the seal to be failing to prevent water ingress, this will be evident by water in the vehicle cabin around the interior light or headlining.

Vehicles affected

Our seal will fit many vehicles, it is impossible for us to list for all vehicles that our item will fit or to test on all vehicles. .

This item is a universal item and will fit many vehicles. The gasket is oval in shape; with external dimensions of 60mm by 43mm approximately. Internally 50 mm by 40 mm. The rubber is flexible and stretchable so some variation/tolerance is possible. Please measure your existing base before ordering to ensure suitability.

The solution

Install our replacement base gasket seal and restore the appearance and sealing function of the aerial base gasket.

Our replacement seal can be fitted easily to restore the appearance of your aerial. Also stopping any water ingress in to the vehicle cabin. An ideal replacement to your cracked, worn, discoloured or generally aged antenna base gasket seal. Our item allows you to replace just the seal that fails without the need to replace the whole antenna base at vast expense from the vehicle manufacturer, saving money and time. Other seals will have a larger footprint so cannot be fitted in situe so the whole aerial has to be removed which is a tricky job. Our improved design seal is specifically designed to be installed from outside the vehicle, saving the labour of removing the interior trim to remove the complete aerial base to replace the seal. Our seal can be replaced in situe making the job far easier. Please check out our video showing this simple process. Our seal can be flexed in to position to seal the base of the gasket between the aerial base and the vehicles roof providing a perfect seal.

Step 1: Masking of Work Area

Before you start on the repair it is advisable to place the new seal in hot water for a while. This will make it far more malleable and less rigid, making it easier to handle.

Note: Please do not use any other tape than masking tape, as most other tapes can and will take the paint work off.

Apply masking tape around the base of seal, making sure it's sitting beneath the seal to protect the paint work from any accidental damage.

Step 2: Loosening Seal From Aerial

Using a sharp blade, carefully put a slit into the seal, then pry out the damaged seal from underneath the aerial.

You may need to run the blade around the seal a few times for it to ease out slowly.

Step 3: Unscrew the Aerial

At this point it would be advisable to unscrew the aerial as it can obstruct the fitment of the seal.

Step 4: Clean Up Area for Seal Fitment

Using a wet cloth, wipe away any loose dirt particles.

Step 5: Fitment of New Seal

Slide the new seal over and onto the aerial, with a blunt item push the inner lip into the recess underneath the aerial.

You may want to use some lubricant or washing up liquid to help ease the process of sliding it into position.

If you need any further guidance on this install or would like to purchase the parts shown please call us on +44 01843 446643 or email us at . Please also check out our instruction guide on YouTube.

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