Introduction: Room Freshener - DIY

I've been looking for easy room freshener that's fairly inexpensive. For a long time I've been buying those gel ones that don't seem to last and are pretty expensive. This recipe works fairly well and hides easily within standard decor.

Step 1: Supplies

I'm making two of these, one for my living room and one for my closet.

For One:

1/2 cup of baking soda

15 drops of a essential oil you like (I'm using lavender.)

Glass jar with twist lid (I'm using extra jars leftover from jam making earlier this year.)



Step 2: Making the Lid

I've seen a lot of these tutorials where they tell you to just punch holes in the lid. But that doesn't look nice. Plus - there's a larger risk of the baking soda falling out and getting everywhere! So I opted to create a fabric lid.

First, place the lid on the fabric making sure the fabric is face down.

Trace outside the lid approximately 1" out. (I did 1/2" and found it too small.)

Cut out the circle.

Step 3: Mixing

Now in your jar add 1/2 cup of baking soda.

Then add approximately 10-15 drops of oil. I found that it comes out extremely fast, which is why I wound up with some many drops.

Step 4: Add the Top

Place the fabric over the top, centered. Gently press the twist lid down and twist in place. be careful, the fabric will scrunch. That's why I recommend a larger offset when cutting it out.

I actually really like these. When the scent goes away just give it a little shake. It's also really easy to change up the scent.