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Im a 14 year old that loves to make and create things. I have designed many things in cad software, and would like to create them in real life, but i can't because i do not have a 3d printer. Here is my attempt in help bring my models to real life. This is my project for the build your room contest. I hope you like it and vote for me. As a 14 year old i love many things. All teens need a arcade room with the classics like pac man, space invaders, and more. I would also want a pool/hot tub. In my gaming room i would want a small but reasonable sized TV, with xbox, and ps3. I also would want in my room is a computer setup, with a 3d printer with I would love. I have always wanted a Temperpedic bed so i added one. In my bathroom i would want a steam shower and a toilet with a heated seat. I need a weight room to stay fit, and a rowing machine. I love bowling but never have time to go the alley so i just put one in my room. I love reading and would need a bookshelf and a reading couch. I hope you enjoy and vote for me.

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