Introduction: Roomboter Birthday Cake

How to make a traditional Dutch specialty. Dankewell. Hoi Jongen.

Step 1: Gather Roomboterenje

Step 2: Base

Thinly sliced borerencake. No need to butter cake pan.

Step 3: Exterior

Vertically slice roomboter kanos into strips, line sides of pan.

Step 4: Layering

Finely slice boterkreepjes into thin squares. Cover surface completely.

Step 5: Continue Layering

Alternate layers of thinly sliced boerencake and boterkkekreetjes once more, also build up exterior with more kanos to add stability

Step 6: Compress Cake

Step 7: Final Layer

Vertically slice roomboter carés to create a solidified final layer on the cake

Step 8: Make It Special

Sculpt a birthday message from roomboter stroopwafels. Be careful!

Step 9: Finish It Off

Add whatever roomboterlicious details you desire, crumble remaining boerencake cake on top to create a flat surface.

Step 10: Let’s Get Baked!

Microwave your roomboter masterpiece for about a minute. Allow the boter to melt slightly so the cake will become solid.