Introduction: Rope and Paracord Bosal or Indian Side Pull

No joke, when I started riding, I always rode with a hackamore. When I rode a horse, someone else's horse that is, I didn't know how to put a bit in a horse's mouth. This is a continuation of my series, saving money by making your own, horse tack.

Step 1: Things You Will Need:

Rope, paracord, cutting intersterment of choice, flame and two rings.The rings can be found at Wally World or any hardware store.

Step 2: Nose Band

Cut and seel 27 inches of rope. Remember, melted rope is like napalm!

Step 3: Make Loops

Double each end over 4 inches. Whip to form a loop. (Whipping instructions can be found in my rope halter instructable.)

Step 4: Paracord

Cut 26 inches of paracord. You will need two, 26 inch pieces. One for each end. This measurement is for the survival bracelet pattern I am trying out. Dont forget to seel the paracord after its cut.

Step 5: Loops

Don't run away.....again

Step 6: Nose Loop in Detail

Tie an overhand knot with paracord just below the one inch mark on the doubled over rope. Then follow the over under pattern used in a survival bracelet. This will be done to each end.

Step 7: Completed Nose Loop

Step 8: The Metal Rings

The rings will be put on another length of rope. This piece should be 46 to 50 inches in length. They will be made the same way the nose band loops were made. Double over 4 inches and tie with 26 inches of paracord.

Step 9: Putting It All Together

Cut 130 inches of paracord. Use the same survival bracelet pattern to connect the two pieces of rope. You will need to center the short rope on the longer one. Plan on 10 inches of paracord wrapping. The clips help keep everything in place once centered.

Step 10: Complete

Just cross the rings through the opposite loop. Your reins will attach to the rings. Happy riding and thanks for the time!