Introduction: DIY Rosary Beaded Bracelet

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I love making my own jewelries. I have quite a collection of long necklaces and occassionally I wrap them around my wrist to wear'em as bracelets. So I thought of making a wrapped bracelet. It was fun to make and turned out really colorful, just as I wanted!

Follow this instructable to find out how I made this colorful bracelet.

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Step 1: You'll Need

To make this bracelet you'll need:

1) Crafting wire- 18 g,
2) Colorful pearl beads,
3) Crafting pliers.

Step 2: Wiring the Beads

Take the crafting wire, hold its end but don't cut it out of the bundle,
Use a looping plier to creat a small loop(first loop) on that end,
Now, leave 1.5-2 cm of the wire straight (for the bead and the second loop) and cut the wire from the bundle,
Slide a bead into the wire,
And create another loop(second loop) with the rest of the wire.

Wire as many beads as you want, use different, bright colored pearl beads or any kind of beads.

Step 3: Joining the Wired Beads

You can use jump rings for attaching the wired beads or you can simply attach them through their loops.
I didn't use jump rings, I wanted to keep it simple. I'll try the jump rings next time.

Simply follow the picture of this step to see how I attached the wired beads.
After attaching each wired bead don't forget to close its loop.

Step 4: Completeing!

When you'll reach the required length of the bracelet you can simply join the wired beads of both ends through their loops.

While making the bracelet keep one thing in mind- before joining the ends wrap the linked beads around your wrist to see if it will fit.

Now, wrap, wear and enjoy!

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