Introduction: Rose From Paper Napkin

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Table decorations help to carry out a theme and provide an interesting tablescape . They can add a light hearted touch or give a feeling of elegance for special occasions. Things that we have in our homes reflect our interests, our heritage, and our lifestyle.
Think about you have made something really very special and you have served it in an impressive way but your napkins..........
Whenever you serve food and want that everyone in your family appreciate your efforts than I think it is important to serve in the best way possible, specially we Indians have lots of ceremonies which are related to food, like after getting married a girl has to cook something sweet and it is important to serve in the the best way possible in order to impress everyone as first impression is the last impression......
In this instructables I'll be showing you how you can serve in an impressive way and in that napkins plays an important role....


1) Paper napkin (30*30cm)
2) A glass

Step 1: Materials Required

10 to 20 napkins and
A glass as shown in the images

Step 2: Make It

First take a napkin and hold it diagonally and cover the glass as shown in the images

Step 3: Continue

Continue the process to put the napkins diagonally and make frills (stairs like sequence) till you put approx 20 napkins

Step 4: Wrapping Up

Inverter the glass gently and take it off and your napkins are ready to be decorated.......

Step 5: Time to Serve

Put it in the desiring place and decorate your table with a nice napkins flower.........

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