Introduction: Rose Gold XMas Ornament

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If you enjoy giving a new look to your XMas decorations every year with a limited budget this idea is perfect for you!

This time we are using old ornaments to create a new and chic look with a beautiful color: Rose Gold (actually Rose and Gold ;) )

The result is funny and super chic. I love giving a different look to each ornament while making them look in harmony with the same color palette. Use your imagination and enjoy!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

  • Old pink Christmas Ornament
  • Gold spray paint
  • Masking tape
  • Wooden Sticks

Step 2: Remove Top, Cover With Masking Tape

After removing the top of the ornament, cover with masking tape the part of the ornament that you want to keep in the original color. As shown in the example, the design I chose was half pink and half gold.

Step 3: Add Stick

Stick will help you paint the ornament without painting your hand. It also helps to keep the ornament safe while it gets dry.

Step 4: Paint Ornament

Paint ornament with gold spray paint.

Step 5: Let Ornament Dry

You can use a plastic container that you do not use to let the ornament dry (in the stick).

Step 6: Repeat

Repeat procedure as many times you want with different designs: zigzag, horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, etc.

Step 7: Remove Masking Tape, Put Back Top

Once the spary paint has dried, remove masking tape and put back the top.

Step 8: Hang and Decorate

Your ornament is ready! Hang it in your Christmas tree, wreath or favorite decoration to give it a chic look!

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