Introduction: Rotary Encoder Using Arduino Nano

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Hi everyone,

In this article I will make a tutorial on how to use a rotary encoder using Arduino Nano. To use this Rotary encoder you don't need an external library. So we can directly create programs without adding libraries first. ok

Let's start the tutorial.

Step 1: Required Components

The component that you need:

Step 2: Assemble All Components

see the picture above for a guide to assemble it.

Arduino to Rotary Encoder


+5V ==> +

D6 ==> CLK (PinA)

D7 ==> DT (PinB)

Step 3: Programming

Please download the sketch I have prepared below.

Step 4: Result

When the Rotary Encoder is turned to the left, the resulting value will be smaller.

When the Rotary Encoder is rotated to the right, the resulting value will be even greater.