Introduction: Routine Machine

This is a machine for reminding you of things that you might forget when you leave your house.

1. Put the key on the further side of the machine. Put everything you have to take away with you when you leave your house in the box. Stick some notes on the box to remind you things.

2. When you are leaving, after you read the reminder note on the box, press the button, then the red LED will be lighted, and the key will turn to you.

3. Take the key away, follow the reminder note then leave.

Reminder: the key can be replaced with everything you would like to take away with you when you leave.

Step 1: Materials

1 - Arduino Leonardo Board (Arduino Uno)

1 - Breadboard

1 - Servo motor

1 - Red LED

1 - 100 ohm resistance

1 - 10k ohm resistance

7 - connective wires

1 - 9V battery or power bank

Jumper wires

Step 2: Connecting the Circuits

5V - positive

GND - negative

Button - Digital pin 2

Servo motor - Digital pin 10

LED - Digital pin 12

Step 3: Coding

Step 4: Connect to Battery

Step 5: Decorate It!

Make a box to hide your Arduino board.

1. Poke holes on the box for the button and the servo motor.

2. Takes 2 extended jumper wires for the LED

3. Tape the button, LED and servo motor on the box

4. Close the box

5. Make a stick so that your keys can be placed on it

6. Stick the gear of the servo motor on the stick you made

7. Connect the gear on the servo motor

Test if the model works.

Then, it's done!