Introduction: Rubber Band Star (Fidget Activity)

To anyone who has a problem fidgeting during class (or any time for that matter), this activity has helped me focus on the material with great success.


- Rubber Band

- A functioning hand

Step 1: Placement

Place the rubber band at the top of your index finger and stretch it down to the top of your thumb.

Step 2: Starting the Star

While your palm with the band is facing up, with your opposite hand, run your index finger under the inside band and grab the outside band.

Step 3: Pull the Outside Band

Now that you've grabbed the outside band, pull it under the inside band towards your palm. This should create a loop around your index finger and a loop around your thumb.

Step 4: Rotate Your Wrist

While holding onto the band, flip the opposite hand upside down.

Step 5: You Liked It, So Put a Ring on It

Place the resulting loop onto your ring finger of the hand you started with.

Step 6: Grab the Outside Triangle

Now grab the outside of the triangle and pull it towards the center of your body.

Step 7: Down and Up

From this position, run your finger under the band stretched from your thumb to your ring finger and back up.

Step 8: Grab and Pull

From here, grab the outside part of the loop on your index finger and pull.

Step 9: Place on Pinky

Pull that band and place it on your pinky. You should see that you have created a diamond within those four points.

Step 10: Pull the Diamond

Now pull the side of the diamond that is closest to your index finger up and around your middle finger.