Introduction: Rubber Band Wine Rack

Nothing says classy, sophisticated wine storage like nestling your bottles of wine on this rubber band wine rack!


  • 4 qty 1-3/4" x 36" square wood dowel
  • 6 qty 5/8" x 36" round dowel
  • 120 qty #33 rubber bands (3-1/2"x1/8")
  • wood glue
  • sand paper
  • stain and beeswax optional


  • Drill
  • 5/8" drill bit
  • saw
  • mallet
  • measuring tape

Cut List:

  • 12 qty 5/8" round dowel @ 12"
  • 8 qty 5/8" round dowel @ 5-1/2"

Step 1: Drill Holes

Drill 28 holes with 5/8" drill bit to 1" depth.

Sides of wine rack:

One side on each of 4 square dowels will get 6 holes 6" apart starting at 1/2" down from the top.

Back side of wine rack:

One side each on 2 square dowels will get 6 holes 6" apart starting at 2" down from the top. Make sure these holes get drilled on the proper side so that they will face one another when assembled.

Front side of wine rack:

One side each on 2 square dowels (the 2 not already drilled for the back) will get 2 holes 2" down from the top and 4" from bottom. Again make sure the side you're drilling will face the other dowel when assembled.

Step 2: Sand and Stain

Sand all the pieces. You can also stain and polish the individual pieces at this stage.

Step 3: Assemble Front and Back Frame

Insert the round dowels into the sides for the front and back section. It's a pretty tight fit so we only used and very small amount of wood glue. You'll probably need a mallet to hammer the sides

Step 4: Rubber Bands

Loop rubber bands inside one another to create a knot in the middle. You'll end up with 60 pairs, 10 for each level. You'll want to have the rubber bands on the dowels before attaching the sides in the next step.

Step 5: Assemble the Sides

Place dowels on back side of wine rack and then carefully fit the top
part into the holes with a small amount of wood glue. Use a mallet to hammer into place.

Step 6: Place Wine Bottles in Rack

Put in some wine bottles starting from the bottom to the top and enjoy your new wine bottle storage!

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