Introduction: Rubberband Powerd Motor

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For this project you will need the following:






bic pen


Power tools:


Step 1: Step One

Step one. Get the bic pen and take off both ends.; We need the small part, in the back
the other pen part you can chuck.

Step 2: Step Two

Step two. Get your drill and drill a hole in the small end thingy.

Step 3: Step Three

Step three. Get the paper clip and plyers and bend the paper clip into a hook.  The hook should be able to fit into the pen and it should have a two inch strait peice extending from it.

Step 4: Step Four

step four. put the little end part that you drilled a hole in on the paperclip like a kebob. then Put the two beads on the strait part of the paperclip.  lastly put the paperclip in the propeller. 

Step 5: Step Five

step five. put the rubberband on the hook and pull the rubberband through the bic pen tube with a hook. Then put a two sentometer piece of scuer through the rubber band and release the hook. The picture will help.

Step 6: Finished Product

Thank you for reading my instructable! please comment. If I get 20 favorites I will make a easy fuse made of household items. Please comment.

WARNING! This project is a fire hazard I am not at all responsible for your actions. If anything happens I will not be held responsible.