Introduction: Rug Deep Cleaning Hack

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after along dusty winter, your rug/carpet must've been so dusty ... but with this magic DIY powder, you can clean your rug easily with no need to replacing it with a new one


- Backing Soda

- Cornstarch

- Whole Cloves

- Bay Leaves

- Borax

- Jar with holes and lid

Step 1: Mixing the Ingredients Together

in a juicer, we add all the Ingredients and we mix them together for 50/60 second max

Step 2: We Pour the Powder in a Jar With Holes and Lid

Step 3: We Spray the Powder Over the Dirty Rug

we spray the powder over the dirty rug/carpet and we let it sit for two hours (minimum)

Step 4: We Clean the Rug With the Vacuum Cleaner

we clean the rug with the vacuum cleaner for a couple of minutes

Step 5: Tradaa ... You've Got Yourself a Clean Rug.

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