Introduction: Ruger LCP 380 Hogue Handall Grip

Hogue Handall Grip for the Ruger LCP 380.

Step 1: Un-load the Gun!!

First step is to unload the gun and get your tools ready.

Step 2: Remove the Bottom Part.

Next step is to take a small punch and put it in the small hole on the back of the gun. the bottom clip guard will be free to take off then.

Step 3: Remove the Top Pin.

Take a small punch tool and remove the pin at the back of the gun. You will need to hammer it out the first time.

Step 4: Grip Install

Take the guard out of the package. Next slid it on and make sure the guard at the bottom slides into place.

Step 5: Install New Pin

As you can see the two pins are different size. The smaller one is the default pin. The bigger one is the new pin. Just put the new pin in the pin hole and tap into place.

Step 6: All Done!

That's it. Enjoy a more friendly grip on a fun gun!