Introduction: Runners Pull Santa's Sleigh

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My sister owns a running shoe store in Oakland. Normally her window display includes some generic posable figures sort of running. For the holidays, I thought they needed a bit of a festive upgrade.

Step 1: Runners As Reindeer

First, I made little headbands out of craft foam with antlers on them. I used hot glue for the adhesive.

Step 2: Need a Santa

Also out of craft foam I made a Santa hat for one of the figures. From black foamcore I made a sleigh for Santa - filled with little wrapped presents. The sleigh was held together with hot glue. Colored pencil was used to put some detail on the sleigh.

Step 3: Attach Some Reins

For the reins I used a string of fairy lights that were on a remote control.

Step 4: Voila!

The result: A fun, festive window display that lights up as the sun goes down!

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