Introduction: Running LED With Arduino

It is fun to see many lightings...

So I thought can we make running LEDs with different patterns using Arduino??

So I tried to make them..

Here's a tutorial on how to make....


1.Arduino Uno: Amazon

2. Breadboard: Amazon

3.LEDs : Amazon

4. Jumper Cables: Amazon

Step 1: Step 1: Connect Them All!!!

Negative terminal of all LEDS to GND of Arduino

Positive Terminal:

Led1 : 2

Led2 : 3

Led3 : 4

Led4 : 5

Led5 : 6

Led6 : 7

Led7 : 8

Led8 : 9

Led9 : 10

Led10 : 11

You can use the image.

Step 2: Step 2: Code and Upload!!

I have made the following code with some patterns you can freely edit it and make your own pattern!!!

You can download the code from below linl:


Step 3: Step 3: Enjoy Your Lighting

Hope you enjoyed it.

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