Introduction: Rustic Felt Flower Tin Plaque

I found this cute tin wall decor at the store for less than $3, and I knew I had to make something with it. With wool to spare and a couple magnets, I pieced together this rustic photo and note hanger for less than $10. This would be perfect for a Mothers' Day gift - or heck - a gift for mom any day of the year.

Step 1: Supplies

Step 2: Flower #1

Start by folding a 4.5" x 4.5" square in half and using a 4" star as a template to cut out your star shape. Open the star and cut a circle out of the center. You want the cut line to the center, so don't worry about trying to cut a perfect circle without an entrance point. Repeat two (2) more times. Add a line of hot glue at the end of one star and place a second star on the glue as pictured above. Repeat once more with the last star. You will have a train of three stars. Add a dab of glue to the lower outermost edge of one star and begin to wrap the train around the center, occasionally hot gluing your progress. Fluff to desired shape.

Step 3: Flower #2

Begin by cutting out eight (8) 2" x 2" squares. Fold each square in half, and freehand cut a rounded petal shape into each one. Take one folded petal, add a line of glue to the lower half by the crease, and roll up into a center bud. Then, take your unfolded petals and glue around the bud as pictured.

Step 4: Flower #3

Here we are creating two separate flowers with the same design. The larger flower will use eight (8) 3" x 1" blocks, and the smaller will use eight (8) 2" x 1" blocks. Begin by taking a rectangle and folding it in half long ways, hotdog style. Cut out a long skinny petal. Repeat 7 times. Take a single petal and lay a line of glue down the center; crimp in half. This doesn't have to be perfect! Take another petal, add a line of glue to the lower center half and wrap it around the center petal as pictured. Continue with the last 6 petals of the same size. Then, repeat with the same flower of the other size.

Step 5: Flower #4

For a single one of these, you will need two sizes of blocks: five (5) 3.5" x 2" and four (4) 1.25" x 2". Start by folding all rectangles in half, hamburger style, and freehand cut the shape pictured. Take one small petal, add a glue line to the center, and fold in half, hotdog style. Glue and roll into a bud as demonstrated in earlier steps. Take another small petal and fold it in half "diagonally" as pictured and set with glue. Place a line of glue on the lower half closest to the crease and wrap around the bud. Continue with small petals and finish with the larger petals.

Step 6: Leaves and Picks

When adding in leaves and floral picks, you can be as creative as you want - whatever looks good to you! I took four (4) 2.5" x 1" rectangles and freehand cut out some leaves. I placed some pearl picks in the center of one leaf, glued them in, and then wrapped the rest of the leaves around them.

Step 7: Place & Magnetize

Place your flowers around the frame where you want them. Keep in mind what you want on the plaque. Photos? Notepads? Picture what you want first before gluing anything. I wanted a picture of my grandkids and a to-do list, so I arranged the flowers around those things. The above picture uses one of each flower from the steps, but the cover photo uses doubles of each flower. Create as many or as little as you like. After you've grouped a couple flowers, hot glue them together and then glue onto a magnet tape strip. You can hot glue the flowers onto the tin plaque instead, but then it's harder to change later on.

Add pictures and notes, and you're done!

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