Introduction: Rustic Round Farm House Table

We got a huge solid 160cm diameter table with a round bench that easily fits 10 people.

This project will be focusing on the creation of the base for this rustic round farm house table, because this was the newly added part. The rest already existed, but the legs where made of some white cylinders that I didn't like that much.


No screws are needed for this project, except 4 screws connecting the feet to the table top.

The rest is made out of solid pine wood. It is best to buy it precut to save time.

I used

  • two times 100x14x14cm for the top cross
  • two times 120x14x14cm for the bottom cross
  • 40x14x14 for the center beam
  • four times 40x10x10 for the lower diagonal pieces
  • four times 30x10x10 for the upper diagonal pieces
  • as well as four times 4x14x14 for the feet on the bottom

For connecting I used a bunch of 8mm wooden dowels and wood glue.

For the paint job I used some red-brown hard oil.

Step 1: Cut the Pieces Into Shape

I already got the lengths cut in the hardware store, so I just needed to do the 45 degree angles. I used a hand saw for that

Step 2: Prepare the Joinery

I decided to do some cross halving joinery on the top and bottom crosses and used a hand saw and a chisel to cut out the pockets.

Step 3: Fit Everything Together

To connect all the pieces I just used wood glue and wooden dowels. This makes for a very strong connection.

Step 4: Give It a Paint Job

I used a layer of red-brown hard oil and some oil-wax mixture to finish it off and give it a nice protection from dirty feet resting on it.

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