Introduction: Solid Block Bed

This 200x180cm bed weighs about 170kg, does not require screws and is stable as a rock.

But let's start at the beginning: I was looking for new bed frame, because i didn't like the old one I buildt, because it was making a lot of sound and was moving a lot. I need something robust.

So I looked up what material I can use and I came across some solid beech wood at my local hardware store. As far as I know they sell these under the brand BLOX at Bauhaus in Germany and Austria. This was the perfect material, because it was already precut in certain lengths, so i didn't need to cut them.


I was using the massive beech wood from my hardware store: - They are 15x15cm. The precut lengths are:

  • 2x 30
  • 1x 150
  • 3x 180
  • 2x 230

I also used a 10x10x215 for the middle beam and 2 times 5x10x215 for the side rests as well as a bunch of 1.8x20 for the slatted frame. I like to ly on a very hard surface so i went for just this wooden planks instead of a regular slatted frame, but of course you could also fit one of those inside.

You will also need some wooden dowels to connect it. Wood glue is not necessary, unless you are sure you will never ever want to move this thing again.

Step 1: Drilling the Holes for the Dowels to Connect Them

I used 4 8mm dowels on every connection to keep everything together. Glue is not necessary, because the weight will be enough to not move. Use a template (BLOX offers one) or some other dowel assistance to avoid being off and having to force these heavy blocks together.

Step 2: Connect All Parts

Check on the drawing or the picture how I connected them. I basically wanted a big flat head piece where i can put stuff like my alarm and strech out my hand. So i put the two smaller pieces as front feet and a single big one in the back, then i put the large side beams on top and a connecting one at the front. The head piece also consists of two large pieces.

Step 3: Add a Matress

Just add a 180x200 matress and you are done. Don't worry about the matress moving around. At the beginning I put some rubber underneeth to prevent it from sliding around, but i found out it hardly moves even without it.