Introduction: Rustic Nail Star

I was burning a pile of pallets when I realized that the nail's coming from the ashes looked really old and rustic.I wanted to make some sort of project with them.So i started doodling and found this fun craft.

Step 1: Recycle Old Nail's

I used some water pressure to get the weak rust of the nails.let them dry before doing anything with them.

Step 2: Start Your Circle

Start making your circle with the nail's.You can really just choose the size of your circle.

Step 3: Epoxy Fun

I used a two part epoxy.But you can really use any strong glue I don't recommend hot glue.Hold down the nails when you apply the epoxy.

Step 4: Dry

I suggest you use parchment paper under the drying star,I got my star stuck on the ground.

Step 5: Extra Nails

While it was drying I used some nails to make a butterfly if you can make it out.

Step 6: Putting Up

I simply put a nail in the wall but you can do what you want.

Step 7: All Done

I'm sorry about the pictures they weren't the best. But this project was pretty fun and easy for beginners like myself.