Introduction: Glowing Floating Faucet

This project was really fun.You can make it for about 30 bucks.Its great for parties and just fun to look at.



5/8 in. OD clear plexiglass tubing

Submersible Aquarium Hydroponic Fountain Pump - 160 GPH 3/4-in MNPT

3/4-in Brass Hose Faucet

12V RGB LED Strip Lights

44 Key IR Remote Controller RGB Control Box DC 12V For LED 3528/5050 Strip Light





Hot glue gun



Step 1: Measuring

Choose how tall you want you pipe to be.Make sure that your pump can pump the water as high as you want you pipe to be.Also cut your pipe with a hacksaw or the pip will splinter.

Step 2: Drill and Sand

Drill small holes along the top of the pipe.Then sand the holes inside and out so that the water won't spray.

Step 3: Hot Glue

Glue around the inside rim of the faucet then firmly press the side with the holes pipe into it.Then glue the pipe water adapter inside the pipe.

Step 4: Saw and Sand Pallets

Cut a strip of pallet of a salvaged board.Sand the piece then repeat you will need enough strips to go around your bucket.Use a chisel to cut the strips to length.

Step 5: Attach Pallets

Use hot glue to attach the boards to the bucket.

Step 6: Staining

Apply the stain to the boards then wipe of the excess.

Step 7: LED's

Use a drill to cut a slit in the side of the bucket.Seal up the hole with hot glue.Then tape inside(the LED's have there own tape).

Step 8: Done

Put the pump in the bucket then plug it all in.

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