Ryland's Triple Decker Ham and Cheese Grilled Sandwich




Introduction: Ryland's Triple Decker Ham and Cheese Grilled Sandwich

This is my personal favorite simple sandwich to eat at dinner. This is a Triple Decker Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich


- 3 Slices of bread

- 3 Slices of cheese

- 3 Slices of meat

- 1 block of butter

Step 1: Get Your Materials Out

I used Potato Bread, Black Forest Ham, and White American Cheese but you can change your ingredients to your preference.

Step 2: Set the Stove/Burner to High.

Turn the knob for the stove to light and once it has set the stove to high.

Step 3: The Butter

Place 2/3's of the butter on the pan. Make sure the butter has spread around all of the pan.

Step 4: Place the Meat on the Pan

Take your meat and place it on the pan. Flip the meat once the meat gets a little golden.

Step 5: Put Away the Meat and Put the Bread on the Pan

Take off your meat and place the bread on the pan.

Step 6: Flip the Bread

Once the bottom of the bread is golden brown, flip the bread.

Step 7: Cut the Cheese Then Add It to the Bread

Cut the cheese into two slices and then add the slices on to the bread.

Step 8: Add the Meat

Take your meat and put each slice on the bread.

Step 9: Create the Sandwich

Take each piece of the sandwich and place it on top of the other slices to make a sandwich tower.

Step 10: Turn Off the Stove/burner

Don't forget to turn off the stove before finishing your sandwich.

Step 11: Cut Your Sandwich

Cut your sandwich into to 1/4ths.

Step 12: Plate Your Sandwich

Once you have plated your Triple Decker Ham and Cheese Grilled Sandwich you can eat it!

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