Do you have a scrabble gameboard collecting dust in the attic?
Well, here's a simple project for you.

You will need:
Wooden Scrabble Tiles (Or plastic if you don't have the wooden ones)
Strong Liquid Adhesive
Clear Coat

1. Get your scrabble tiles and spell out kinds of drinks. You can also spell other words instead,
    like mom, dad etc or names of family members if you want it personalized.
2. Arrange the words and fill the other spaces of the coaster size using the back part of the tiles
    so it shows blank tiles.
3. Stick them to a corkboard using a strong liquid adhesive.
4. Cut out excess cork around the coaster using a cutter.
5. Top the coaster with a clear coat to protect the wood.
6. Smoothen sides with a sandpaper.
7. Use them at home or give them as gifts to friends. :)

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