Questions would arise why this project...

I feel that

  • Innovation can even be called to rocks arranged in some random manner ,but they only do worth when they form the bridge to move over it....

Have seen many of them dancing,singing,running, playing with their sorrows and enjoying their desires at peak.

But do they also feel like what I feel ?

These things strike my mind whenever I think about those special being and try to connect them with my special dream ‘’underwater experience”...

I am a guy at 17 , really really excited about underwater experience,since my childhood.

One of my many dreams is to go deep deep into water and see how beautiful it is in real.

But that's not only thing I am excited about, I am also excited by what instructable does ….any guesses out their...absolutely correct …. building stuffs and taking out great ideas out of mind that carries some purpose.

And if these ideas are gonna be helpful for needy ones I get really excited to work on it.

But thinking of such things I always do get stumbled upon problems which those special person may be facing who don't have there limb to support body or don't have arms to enjoy the fun to play Tennis and so I have always had carried this one Desires to build something for their Desires to get fulfilled.

So when I saw this competition I felt this is time to have share my idea..So I researched and came to conclusion that luckily,this Duct tape thing has got all those great features that I need for my project ....its Waterproof, it has got great strength, its binding power is fabulous,its flexible to make many things

And so I pull up my socks.... Made my mind and hit up to this Idea of making a scuba diving gear for amputee. AND THEN HITTED THE START BUTTON OF MY MIND AND BODY....

I wanted this project to get depicted by a small model due to time,economic and age constraint..but still wanted it to be short but sweet…

So I also added a fully movable human dummy having flexibility of a real man so that this project will gets even more lively..

By this you will not only get idea of what I have designed but also a idea to use many ideas and fetch a cool product out of it...

Now its the time to give you the glimpse of my journey of making...It will not be boring I guarantee you will be fun and you will enjoy it like diving in the oceans....


It was a Tape contest so I was concerned to use it in all possible ways and with that used tools such as

1.Scissors ,cutter, glues which goes with plastic sheets

2.Plastic sheets. I used plastic wrapping waste which comes with packaging,but if you wan you can use whatever you feel comfortable with

3. Aluminium wires.

4. plastic pen body(got the used pens from my drawer)

5. Acrilic colours

and all common design stuff like pencil,markers,scale etc

Step 2: PART 1 : MAKE a DUMMY MAN....

For having a great start I divided this projects in parts

First I made the dummy man body with help of tapes it was a critical task, I got help from some of the tutorials online. I wanted it to be working underwater so I used duct tape and plastic sheet wherever needed I got inspired by the tutorials by the youtuber called paper patriot.I innovated on his advices you can check it out too.

The making consists of 3 steps

Step 3: To Make Joints and Structure...

i)To make joints and structure so to make the dummy model movable:

I made various joints and a simple human skeletal structure made of rolls which were made out of tape.

I first started with making the shoulders.As shown in sketches

The T joint is the real thing it is used in various fashion to make the structure alive.


ii)The I made him fleshy and added muscles and some detail body structure by use of tape and plastic sheet by folding and making 3d curves.

Started by tracing the image and got every muscles thickness and curvature so to give perfect shape and as per need added the layers of tape and plastic sheets.



Then I coloured it and added some effects to it.

Started with painting it in flesh colour and then added some details to make it look good.


Step 6: PART 2: Making the Scuba Suit

Now it was a task to innovate and to design the Scuba suit

I made many designs of suit.But at last found the one I wanted.

To start to make it I started by taking measures of my dummy.

As scuba suit is meant to be a fit gear as not to allow water I was extra concerned about its measures.

To get perfect outfit I measure it with help of plastic sheets and then made the suit with help of duct tape.

I had made the suit one piece as I wanted it to get the streamlined structure for diving and give the diver ease.

I added chains and hooks so that my prototype will resemble the real suit in maximum possible ways.

Also added belts and other neccesary stuffs to make it more real.

and then added it colour so to give it trendy look,I got it in shade of iron man suit so to give tribute to avenger eng game....

Step 7: TO Make It More Cool

I colored it, isn't it looking great?


Making mechanism and movable tail

As this was only a prototype I was concerned about idea a lot... so I only wanted to depict it as a prototype of what really can be made.

The mechanism in real use may use motors and electronics, but for my prototype I used rubber power so to make it working. I wanted my friend to swim under water so I went further and designed the tail , as I had did some research online I found way to get him swim I got inspired by mermaid tails and the machanism I used was the oscillatory mechanism powered by rubber band for flapping its tail.

This was about design but the mechanism I made is made with help of circular to oscillatory constraint used in the fish tail toys.

I used light plastic pipe and then made a aluminium wire fram in a uniform zigzag shape and a tail like structure strong enough to support the tail made of duct tape.

Then assembled it in the shown manner and tried

Step 9:

Step 10: To Add Some More Fun

I also added few necessary utility tools so to help him underwater

LIke Those two rockers (I dont know what to call it so I named it this)at his sides to balance his weight To make these I have used simple rubber powered propeller mechanism. The frame is of simple a pen and the propeller of a plastic sheet.

Step 11: Its Time to Swim....

I tried to give you glance of what it can be done but due to time constraint and not having big container I tried to show it in small scale...


Its time to say bye,thnks for being with me....

say cheers for ART...

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