Introduction: SIMPLE Dice Battle Game

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While waiting for our food at a restaurant with my 6 year old son, and trying to avoid screen time, I created this game to help us pass the time. It morphed into its current version and has helped us in many waiting situations. This is a 2 person game which develops number sense. All you need to play is a paper, pencil and one standard 6 sided die.

Step 1: Draw or Decorate Your Character

You can use the attached template and decorate it, or just draw your own, but the idea is to draw the meanest, most vicious character you can. This part is optional, but the most creative and fun. After drawing or decorating your character, you have to explain it. There are no limits. Some of our characters included light sabers, rocket boots, multiple heads and diamond armor...just to give examples.

Step 2: Fill Your Hearts

If you are not using the template, draw 5 hearts above the character. Each player, one at a time, now rolls the dice. Whatever number they roll, they write inside a heart. They continue to do this until all their hearts are full. If they roll a 6, draw lines around is a GOLD HEART. (this has no REAL significance, remember we are playing with 6 year old's)

Step 3: BATTLE TIME!!!

Add up all your hearts and write that number in the bottom corner. The player with the lowest number goes first.

The player who goes first chooses a heart on the other player to defeat, they then roll the die.

  • If they roll higher than that number, cross that heart off. Next players turn.
  • If they roll equal to that number, the player must pick up the die and call "even" or "odd" then roll the die again. If the number they roll is the same as what they call, the heart gets crossed off, if not, it is the next players turn. Example: if the player chooses a heart with a 3 in it, and the player rolls a 3, then the call "ODD", and roll a 2, nothing players turn. if they roll a 5, cross off that heart...Next players turn.
  • If they roll lower than that number, it is the next players turn.

This continues until one player has no hearts left. When this happens, the other player wins.

IF you forget to choose a heart, it is the same heart that you chose last turn.

Step 4: Variations

Quicker playing time: Do not pick a heart at the beginning of each turn...after the roll, you can decide which heart to use it on. For example if you roll a 6 at any time, you can use it to try to cross off a golden heart (after calling even/odd and rolling

4 Player... tournament style with a twist: have 2 player face off to each other, then the two winners face off, BUT the two winners face off with the hearts that they have left over from the first round.

Use a coin: Don't have a die? Use a coin. Have the player call heads or tails. If they call it right, cross a heart off (no need to fill the hearts with numbers).

Please post pics of characters!!!