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This 'ible will show you how to make a super-cool duct tape slipper. This slipper, or these slippers, are very cozy and durable, and, for the most part, fun to make. I know you're anxious to see what I've got up my sleeve, so I'll begin by showing you the materials:

Duct Tape


Normal Shoe (For Tracing)


Hot Glue/Glue (Optional)

Step 1: Make the Base

Trace one of your shoes onto a piece of cardboard. Cut that out. Trace the SAME SHOE onto a piece of felt. Cut that out as well. Tear off a strip of duct tape a bit longer than the cardboard. Do the thingie to make your tape double-sided. Hopefully, you know how. Place a couple of those on the cardboard, and place the felt shoe cutout on top. This will be your initial base.

Step 2: Starting the Shoe

Take your Duct Tape and on the cardboard part of the shoe, place about an inch of tape on the cardboard. Then, "flip" it over, and, set your foot on the felt. Wrap the Duct tape around your foot like seen in the pictures. The STICKY SIDE SHOULD BE UP!!! Do this a couple of times, so it is covering everything ABOVE your ankle except your toes.

For the toes:

Tear off a strip of duct tape and wrap it around the toes horizontally.

Step 3: Covering the Sticky Side

Cover the sticky side of the tape with another few layers of tape. Make sure all of the sticky sides are covered with non-sticky stuff. Your foot should be able to slide in with ease. Also, this is VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Make sure the bottom of the shoe is covered so it is not sticky. Add more layers to mask the bumps so it looks nice, smooth, and attractive.

Use another color of tape to mask the lumps and bumps on the side. Use small pieces, one at a time, because of the round arch/shape, it will cause rumples and bumps. Do this around the edge of the actual covered shoe part, not the part that is sticking out.

Step 4: Bottom of the Shoe

First, you should try to even out the bottom of the shoe as best as you can using...guess what?...MORE DUCT TAPE!!!! It should be semi-even, it doesn't need to be perfect. Then, trace that shoe again on another piece of felt. Then, cut it out, and to that double-sticky-side tape-thingie. Cover the felt part in that*, and place it on the bottom of the shoe.

*You can use hot glue, but I recommend not using it, because it will seep through and look unattractive.

Step 5: Securing the Felt

Using more duct tape, preferably the main color you used, fasten the edges of the felt down. Note: In pictures 1 and 3, the shoe is flipped upside down. After you complete this step, there should be some scattered tape around the edges on the top. We will fix that. Picture 2. is just a before picture of the top.

Step 6: Cover the Top Up!!

Cover the top of the extended part of the slipper up with red duct tape. Try to get close-to exact lengths, because we would like the bottom to be mostly felt. So now, the slipper's covered half has felt, and the outer half doesn't in picture 5. you can see that.

You are done. Please post pics of your slippers, and if you enjoyed this 'ible=====VOTE, COMMENT, AND FAVORITE!!! Don't be afraid to try it out, it is very cool! Hope you enjoyed! <3

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