SLR BlackRapid and Handstrap Hybrid

Introduction: SLR BlackRapid and Handstrap Hybrid

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Photography is a hobby of mine and not too long ago I upgraded to the Canon 5D mkII. This camera is much heavier than my previous camera as well as much more expensive so I was keen to ensure I kept it safe at all time.

I wanted to use a hand strap and a tripod mount at the same time.

And eventually I added a Blackrapid RS5 to the mount too.

I added a Pixco Universal hand strap to my camera. This has a tripod mounting screw on the bottom but did not provide the same kind of security as when the tripod mound was connected directly to the camera.

Later I bought a BlackRapid strap so I could take the weight of my wrist sometimes.

So I decided to join the three systems together to make my own system.

Here is how I did it.

Step 1: Modify the Hand Strap

First i attached the hand strap Pictured to the camera without the Plastic connection.

Attach your Tripod plate to your camera.

Tie a rethreaded Overhand knot into the hand strap at the correct length. the loop created can then be placed over the tripod mount screw.

Step 2: Modify the Tripod Mount

 Now its ytime to get your metal work skills on

I found a but of metal and drilled and shaped it to size so it would connect to my tripod mount. 

The loop you create Can now be attached to the black rapid strap.

Step 3: Finished

 This is the finished system. With a usable tripod mount BlackRapid system and wrist strap all in one.

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    Great idea! i tried something like this a while back and it works quite well! but the hand strap doesn't look so secure with just a knot... i think it could be more solid if you made another metal bit like the one you used and thread it through that before tying it. just a suggestion!