Introduction: SONIC CLEANER

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This "Sonic Cleaner" was a silly invention. I had some oldish jewelry sitting around that was sort of greasy or dirty, and didn't shine.

Consideration was given to picking up an Ultrasonic Cleaner to clean up the rings.

But when looking at the prices, I was dismayed, appalled, and decided not to purchase one.

So I picked up a small Stereo type speaker from Salvation Army for $3.00.

Cut off the fabric from the front.

Then baring a couple staggered spots on the wires to existing speakers, I twisted its wires on the existing and added it in line to my stereo in the garage.

Laid it on its back, and Superglued the bottom third of a pill bottle to one of the waves in the speaker cone material that allow the cone to flex to move air to make sound.

I put a little soap solution in the bottle, and dropped in a ring, then played some of my Roberta Flack for two or three hours while hard at work on something else. Vibration waves were visible on the surface of the solution.

Took the ring out, rinsed under the faucet, and carefully dried to not pull on a stone holding finger with a loop in a towel.

Perfect glistening gems! It was a success.

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