Introduction: SPACE TRAVELER

Today we are going to do how to move a rocket using tinkercard. Don't worry it is very simple you can definity do this ...Let's go to our work


network connection

laptop or desktop

Step 1: Google Chrome

G to google chrome and search tinkercard ..then create your is very imporatant.. and click to join

if you already have an account please login with it .or click create personal account or it above option..

you can sign in with google account and facebook account also..etc

I have already account on it so i am login with that account

after creating it click on the code block and create new one

i already create it i am open it

Step 2: Object

we are creating an object called rocket.if you are new to this and you don't know where can take the creating object function....You can find it from left side of your screen

  • shapes
  • modify
    • create New object

from there we are put code to do this projects

Step 3: Main Body

drag a cylinder from it ...and adjust it radius space as you want..then drag move function from modify

and drop it just below the cylinder and give value in z axis

Step 4: Adding Payloading System to Rocket

Take paraboloid shape from shapes and adjust it measurement according your need and drag move again and value in axis

Step 5: Add Fins to Rocket

Step 6: Add Nozzle to the Rocket Give Measurement Values

from mark up drag say (add message as count down starts) and put below it....And drag count function from control and add 5 x say function in to count.. and add number in descending order

put 1 in count like :-count with i from 1 to 1 by 1 Its is very important

Step 7: Then Create Group

I already create it in early picture but this step made for more clear to you..

add to move function and give its value


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