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"When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor" by Elon Musk founder of spacex Im a huge fan of Elon Musk and spacex is one of my great inspiration.I mean who does not like it anyway.Watching those rockets fly and land swiftly on ground makes you numb and belive me its one heck of a sight.I was wondering what if I make a project that notify me every time spacex launches a new rocket. But I wanted something different to be done with this project. Getting a normal message or alert in your phone is too boring.

So here comes the twist ,imagine what if your diy mini rocket in your backyard or roof top launches exactly when any of the rockets is launched by SPACEX . Hmmm it would fantastic. Not only you but also your neighbors can get notified when your diy rocket makes a boom in the sky. Just imagine when SPACEX launches its rocket and simultaneously your diy rockets fly in the sky that would be just crazy. You dont have to wait long for its testing since SPACEX is launching its FALCON-9 this 27th MAY.So dont miss this opportunity start building your own rocket setup and admire it when it launches synchronized with FALCON-9.

So I will be showing how to build this project with minimum and simple components .


Project supplies

1.ESP32 or NODE MCU board( I will be using esp 32)

2.Relay 5v

3.Jumper cables

4.Battery 5v

5. Thick connecting wires

6.Chart papers

7.Metal tubes of 60 inches

8.Small party rockets.

Other basic requirements such as scissors, tape, glue, soldering set etc

Step 1: Constructing Circuit

The circuit construction is very simple just connect the components with respect to the circuit diagram shown.

Select a particular gpio pin on esp 32 in my case D13. The gpio pin D13 is connected to a 5 v relay coil. The other terminal of relay coil is connected to ground terminal of esp32. The other section of relay is connected for a electric ignitor circuit. The entire thing is powered by a 5 v battery.

Step 2: Making Our Rocket Ignitor

For the ignition of rocket we will be using a very simple technique. We will be using the shorting method. In this method a thin copper wire is shorted between the battery terminal and this thing copper will be in contact with a Matchstick. So when the circuit is in closed condition the
Copper wire heats with high temperature this causes the matchstick to ignite this will later ignite the party rocket.

Step 3: No Rocket Is Complete Without Coding.

In this case we will be using arduino ide software to program our esp 32. Please note that the arduino ide does not come with initial esp 32 or node mcu board manager. This has to be independently installed.

You just have to copy the code in the link and use it in arduino ide software. Remember to change your wifi credentials. Such as user ID, password and blynk authentication token from blynk app.

Step 4: It's BLYNK Time

Now install blynk app in your smartphone from play store.

Login through your account. Now create a new project of any name. Soon you will be receiving a authentication token from blynk to your email id. This token is to be used in the code as mentioned

Create a button widget of your gpio pin usage. In my case D13.

Step 5: Playing With IFTTT

If This Then That( IFTTT) is the heart of this softwear. This application acts as a bridge between the real spacex and our mini version of spacex.

Initially you have to login to IFTTT through your account .

Now we have to create our own customized service applets. Go to create new applet you will get two conditions 'if' and 'that'.

Click 'if' then you will be redirected to many services search for Twitter and then click the service. Now specifically click a service known as ' tweet from a specific user'. It will ask the user name of tweet being expected from. In our case type "SpaceXUpdate" as user name and now click next.

In else condition search for webhooks and open the service. Now type this text in url part. Remember to change pin number at the end of the url text as per your usage.

Click 'put' in case of method. Select '. Json' for its type.

Press finish and save your applet.

Step 6: Time for Some Outdoor Work

Make your own imaginative rocket body with chart paper. Now insert the header part of the party rocket to your customized diy rocket body at the bottom section.

Prepare a small rocket launch pad with metal tubes. There is no restriction it just has to be vertically straight.

Now make a attachment between diy rocket and metal tube.

The entire circuit is enclosed in a small box and the ignitor is extended toward the diy rocket.

Step 7: Finally Pose Like Elon Musk

Now you just have to connect your esp32 board with wifi and that's it.

All you have to do is wait until spacex launches its next rocket. Till then you could admire your work.

When the time comes, when you are sleeping on your couch your diy rocket can scare you to death.

Now you can watch both Falcon and your home made rocket hit the space. But only one can make it through.

If you like this project don't forget to vote, like, comment. For more enquiries about the project I'm right here.

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