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My daughter enjoys cooking so I thought It would be fun to make her a gift to go with the passion! I spent some time in her kitchen checking out her spices and chose some of her favorites for this easy to make Spice Tower!

Step 1: Supplies

I chose 5 spices to use, 5 small mason jars, old mailing labels a pen and Loctite glue (loctite is good to glue glass and metal)

Step 2: Labels

using sheets of address labels that were sent over the years by charities I found several other types of stickers on the sheets. I chose several and wroth the names of the spices I was using on the stickers. Cut them out and adhered them to the mason jar. Then filled each jar with the spices.

Step 3: Glue

I applied the glue to the glass bottom of one of the jars and placed it on top of a second jar. I glued two more jars together and then when it was dry (It takes a good 30 minutes to get really stuck but don't try to unscrew the jars until at least 24 hours.) when my two stacks of two were stuck I glued all 5 into a tower.

Step 4:

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