Introduction: STOOL KIND OF DESK

this can be used as stool or desk either way you want.


・OSB 12mm

・MDF 5.5mm

・Round wood bar()




・Laser cutter (Tortec speedy 400)

・3D Printer (Up mini2)

This idea is from yamashitaken.(

Step 1: DATA

1.Make data by Rhinoceros.

3.Save plan as .ai(Adobe illustrator).

Step 2: CUT

4.Cut MDF by using Laser cutter.

5.Cut OSB by CNC.

6.Sander the OSB.

Step 3: 3D PRINT

7.Output cap part of the leg.

Step 4: This Is the Materials You Will Need.

Step 5: TOP

8.Bond MDF and OSB.

9.Cramp tight.

Step 6: LEG

10.Put together the leg part.



Step 7: DONE!