Introduction: STOP Fighting Rusty Parts DISSOLVE THE RUST

RUST is one of the most frustrating challenges when fixing your vehicle. You wish you could find that magic bullet to snap your fingers and have all the rust gone. In this video I discovered a technique for removing rust almost completely. It’s not as fast as snapping your fingers, but this technique can be done before you start the job. You don’t even need to remove the part from the vehicle. By placing containers around your rusty part you can pour an acid like vinegar around the park and let it work. When you’re done soaking, it seems like magic to see all that rust gone.

Step 1:

We are going to use regular vinegar you could buy at the grocery store, and man does it work good!!

Step 2:

To make the container we are going to use a old juice bottle and cut a slit in the side, and a hole on top so we can wrap it around the part without having to take it off. Then hot glue around the seams to hold in the vinegar.

Step 3:

You can reuse the vinegar to use on other parts in the future

Step 4:

To go a step further and to make assembly much easier we ran a die up the threads so we spin it back on very easy.

Step 5:

We changed the seals while we were down in this area and they really did need that!!

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    4 years ago

    Can you show me the finished parts after renoving the rust I can't see it in the ible and sorry I can't view the video due to poor internet.thanks.


    Question 4 years ago on Step 1

    is this technique good for the edges around wheel wells and fenders?

    Error Code Guy
    Error Code Guy

    Answer 4 years ago

    That's an interesting question, in the video I built a vinegar tank but you could try using a spray bottle full of vinegar and periodically though out the day keep spraying vinegar on the item you are trying to the dissolve rust. Make sure to keep it wet with vinegar all day so it will dissolve the rust all day. Keep us updated on how that goes!! Thanks for the question!!