Introduction: S.W.A.K. MAIL BOX

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Did you ever receive a swak letter? I think they are a extinct class of letters by now. Internet time and the huge quantity of posibilities of comunication attempt against that romantic way of comunicate the feelings to the loved person.

So this is a kind of tribute to swak letters and remember the good old times,

I needed a new mail box and then I though it would be nice to do an envelope as a mail box,that remaind me those air mail letters coming with the swat inscripcion on the envelopes's back.

Step 1: We Need:

1,2 mm stainless steel sheet 24×50 cm

A piece of 20 mm of any wood 32×16 cm

2 hinges



1 small magnet

Jigsaw with wood and metal blades

Step 2: Preparing the Parts

The first step is cutting the edges of the wood with the jigsaw inclinated 45°

With the help of a cardboard stripe surround the wood watching the hight you want to have the envelope,include the width of the 45° borders.

Then extend the cardboard ,that will be the length of the stainless steel sheet. Trace a line with that size

Then mark the width of the wood on the extremes and trace an x uniting those points,smooth the crossing lines tracing curvesin both sides

Cut with the jig saw and get the 3 parts of the envelope

Step 3: Envelope's Taking Shape

Mark the thickness of the wood on the sheet and bend it with the help of a vise and put it over the wood,this will guide you how much to bend the downer side and the lid

It surely take a while bending and doing more cuts until get the right assamble

File and sand the edges,cause they became very sharp.

Then drill holes on the sheet and screw the parts to the wood,the lid is riveted to the hinges,will need a groove where the hinges touch

Step 4: Finishing

Once the pieces are screwed you can peel off the protective film of the sheet

To close it firmly take a neodimio magnet and glue it to the lid

Now the mail box is ready its your choose to leave it like that or ornament it some how.

Hope like it and inspire some body to make it. Thanks

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