About: Broken devices always have several useful parts,recovering them , we reduce trash ,then we are taking care of the planet

This is a multimedia multifunction device that give us fun from youtube music videos,music radios tv from internet sites wen we are on line or from the downloaded videos and music when off line

Was made mostly from scraps:

6mm mdf


2 5w speakers,rescued from a tv set on the trash

Old bank power

PAM 8403 amplifier

Bluetooth dongle

7" tablet hardly refurbished

3.5 mm plug and wire from a useless earphone

Drawer handle

The tablet olipad was an obsolete one ,running android 2.2 ,but still is good to watch youtube videos or tv channels,radios on line. I can even see old family pictures and videos while listening soft music.

So I thought I could give it a new life adding a amplifier and a couple of speakers (" borrowed" from a discarded tv set)

Step 1: Building the Box

I started cutting the grill speakers an angle of 20° ,this cut let install the speakers facing slightly to the front.

The inner side of the grill holds the tablet with an inclination of 20° too for better view of the screen

Then stand the tablet and speakers on the desired position and mark the limits where the mdf have to be cutted.

Cut the mdf and fix the speakers to the mdf with iron angles and screw them

Now is easier to mark the mdf top side and cut it.

Step 2: The Back Side

Put the scrap of cardboard on water for a while to flexibilize it,then put it on this kind of jig with a bike ring and a couple of sticks, let it dry during the night.

Then take it out from the "jig" ,comes out the bended hardboard .

Mark the sides of the speakers,then trace two lines to 90° from the upper side. Over these line mark the size of the speakers,size also the middle hight and trace a bended line.

Cut over the lines then draw the silhouette of the bank power and cut it too.

Fix the bank power with a metal stripe and screw it to the bottom side and the upper side with two stripes

Then put two sticks with the same size of the speakers nail them to the ends of the bended hardboard.

These sticks will be the pillars that hold the back side

Once finished the woodwork gave them a cedar colour

Step 3: Electronic Step

The amp is the very cheap and effective pam 8403 3w with a great sound.

It is feeded by thebank power through a usb connector and wire,wich is soldered to the 5v + - respectively. The tablet battery is also connected to this wire keeping the tablet charged.

The 4700 mf capacitor is for a better response of the amp on louder volume.

The 3.5mm connector wire is soldered to the L T R (left ,common and right , wire coming from the bluetooth dongle)

The speakers are connected to the out L and out R

Step 4: Final Assembly

Screw the pillars from the bottom side of the box and one on the upper side

Drill holes on the upper side for the handle and right over the tablet on-off button,also need two holes facing the volume button on the right side over the speaker grill

The on-off button made with part of pen's tube and a thumb tack fixed with hot glue

The volume button made also with pen's tube arranged as the picture 1

Place on-off and volume buttons and we are ready.

Hope you like it. I'd appreciate if you vote in contest.thanks

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