Introduction: Saab 9-3 Sport Stiff Gears Repair- Gear Turret Repair Instruction Guide. 55556311

Is your gear stick seized in position, or maybe it won't return to neutral? Stiff to change gear? Difficult to find gears? Gear change vague and unable to select correct gear?

The likely cause of the faults noted above and most common cause is a worn pivot on the gear turret. On the gear turret is a pivot point, a pivot pin operates through a nylon sleeve, this is a poor design and the nylon breaks down over time causing the symptoms noted above. A small amount of play in this pivot translates to problems selecting gears.


Saab 9-3 Sport 2002 onwards (6 speed manual)

Fit our improved design pivot screw and PTFE bush bearing and cure gear change problems.

Our complete kit includes all needed to restore your turret to full health for life, restoring smooth gear selection.

Our kit includes a new improved design pivot screw and self lubricating bush bearing, constructed to the finest of tolerances from improved materials to restore smooth gear selection.

Also included are custom tools to allow easy install of the new part

Step 1: Remove Turret.

Put vehicle in to neutral.

Disconnect hose from left side of battery box.

Quarter turn the two nylon screws on the cover, tilt backwards and remove cover.

Disconnect negative then positive terminal, remove bolt that locks the battery in place.

Remove battery.

Remove battery box.

Remove electrical connectors to turret.

Lock the turret with 4mm drill bit.

Remove the 3 screws on the turret.

Lift turret out of position.

Step 2: Remove Worn Pivot Pin.

Drill out pivot pin using drill bit included, do this on a low speed until enough metal is removed to allow pivot to be removed.

Push pivot out using our tool included, hammer this down gently to remove pivot pin.

Cut away remnants of nylon bush with knife as illustrated.

Remove all of bush and clean up hole with sand paper.

Step 3: Insert New Bush.

Insert puller bolt with bush in center as illustrated.

Make sure bush is dead central to the hole and draw in slowly in small increments by tightening the puller bolt.

Once fully inserted remove puller bolt and check bush is successfully installed as illustrated.

Step 4: Fit New Pivot Screw.

Fit new pivot screw as illustrated.

Test smooth operation of pivot screw.

Refit turret to gearbox.

Test gear selection.

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