Introduction: Emergency Flashlight

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From an old crapped out flashlight comes the survival lamp.
This lamp has a few accessories to help you out in an emergency or survival situation.
It has:
A flashlight (obviously)
A multi tool
A foil blanket
Some matches and a striker
5m of paracord
A window breaker

Step 1: Break Down the Old Flashlight

I had most of the parts for this project lying around, the multi tool, foil blanket and paracord were on sale at my local camping store.
This started life as a draper flashlight but after several years of rolling around the back of my van it finally died. To be more precise the switch died.
I never really liked this flashlight as the illumination was quite dim and it churned through 2 C cell batteries at a time.
The whole flashlight unscrews without tools and I could start to see the space I had to work with.
First I needed to remove the broken switch and find a way to power the lamp with a physically smaller battery.
Luckily this is an incandescent lamp so I decided to try a 9V battery.
The 2 C cell batteries that came out gave 3V @ about 3800mAh the 9v cell is about only 420mAh but the shortened run time is okay as this is for emergencies, not everyday use.

Step 2: New Power System

As I said the old swith was dead so it was removed. I had a nice rocker switch in my toolbox so went with that. It was larger than the home for the old switch so I needed to drill it out to 20 mm.
I soldered in the wires from the switch and the 9v battery clip. I also soldered directly to the bulb, this means a bulb change would require a solder iron but that's okay.
The switch was deeper than I anticipated so the battery couldn't go in the head of the lamp, meaning I lost some storage space.
Also the bulb carrier would not fit so I superglued it the reflector.
We now have a working flashlight with some storage space.

Step 3: Window Breaker

I had the misfortune of a vehicle fire and few years back and when the wiring shorted the doors locked trapping me inside, hard as I tried it could not break the windows by hand and my tools were in the burning section of the truck. Only a subsequent short reopened the lock and let me escape.
This window breaker is a standard M5 bolt, sharpened and fitted to the button of the flashlight.
In the event of an accident, fire or the vehicle entering water this will all you to smash the window with ease.

Step 4: Multi Tool and Matches

The multi tool is a small cheap leather man style tool, it give you a small blade and pliers, the other stuff isn't great but it's a start.
It was a little wide to fit into the flashlight body but a quick touch of the sander and we're in.
You don't need a whole box of matches so I put a few into a small zip lock bag with a piece of the striker strip, the bag keeps the matches dry and together.
This all went inside the lamp body.

Step 5: Foil Blanket and Paracord

As I said earlier the battery did not fit as planned so I didn't have room for the foil blanket, these guys are real life savers in the cold or for someone in shock. I decided to tie it to the outside of the lamp with the paracord.
I drilled a 5mm hole in the flashlight body and passed the paracord through, I then tied a knot to stop the cord pulling out. I wrapped the paracord tightly around the whole bunch before tying the cord off.
There are instructables dedicated to the uses for paracord so I won't go into the merits here.

Step 6: Test

I added a strip of yellow reflective tape around the lamp just to make it a bit earlier to find.
Everything works, I know this is not a comprehensive survival tool but it will help in an emergency.
What would you put into your survival device?

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