Introduction: Sage Against the Machine

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Classic English flavours of apple and sage make this a great alternative to a Collins. It's also a great pun. Two amazing reasons to make yourself one.

ICE Cubed Hand chipped

GARNISH Spring of sage



GLASS Highball


INGREDIENTS (gtt = gutta/drop)

Nordés Atlantic Galician - 5 parts - 2.5 gtt

pressed apple juice - 4 parts - 2 gtt

fresh lemon juice - 1 part - 0.5 gtt

sugar syrup - 0.5 part - 0.25 gtt

Small pinch of sea salt - 0.01 part

2-3 sage leaves - 0.1 part

Top with soda water - 4 parts - 2 gtt

Step 1: Take the Ingredients

Step 2: Make a Cocktail Shaker

Step 3: Method

Add all ingredients, except for the soda, to a cocktail shaker and shake hard.

Step 4: Ice

Add soda water to a tall glass over ice then fine strain the rest of the cocktail into the glass and top with more soda if required. Garnish.

Step 5: Garnish

Step 6: Enjoy!

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