Introduction: Saltimbocca Santa Monica (Santa Monica Roulades)

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This is simple and tasty receipe done with few ingredients:

  • chicken (or turkey) slices
  • rosmary branches
  • raw ham (dry-cured ham, Parma ham)
  • olive oil
  • french fries (optional - as side dish)

I've called it Saltimbocca/roulades Santa Monica because I do them often for my namesday (August 27th).

Italian cooking guarantee ;) Please, vote for me in the contests if you like this!

Step 1:

Gather one rosmary branch for every chicken slice. I've got a beautiful rosmary plant in my garden :)

Wash them and let them dry a bit.

Step 2:

Prepare the chicken slices: they should be whole and quite thin.

Cover every chicken slice with a raw ham slice.


Step 3:

Roll the slices, leaving the raw ham outsuide the roulades.

Stick a rosmary branch in the roulades..

Step 4:

Put some oil in a frying pan (possible in teflon/nonstick) then put the roulades in it and cook them for about 30 minutes, turning frequently them upside down.

Step 5:

Serve the roulades with french fries or the side dish you prefer (baked potatoes, tatar sauce, tomatoes, carrots....)

Bon appetit!

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