Introduction: How to Upload Code to Arduino Mega From Android Device

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Today, I am going to show you how to use Samsung Galaxy Note 5 mobile phone is running Android v6.0 and it supports OTG - On The Go option to upload any Arduino codes to Arduino boards such as Arduino Mega, Arduino Uno, and the others. By the way, I haven't got an iPhone to test on iOS loaded phone. To be honest, you don't need Note 5 phone to do this uploading. I found Note 5 to do this. We are now not using Arduino IDE or Codebender to upload a code to Arduino, we are using our Android phone to "Hello Arduino!"

The need list:

1. OTG supported, and Android operating system running mobile phone.

2. Micro usb cable to female usb

3. Arduino Mega (I have got Mega with me, you can use any of Arduino bords)

4. Usb A to B cable (This is for making a connection between the phone and your arduino board.)

Step 1: Download Application Apk

APK is a kind of file extention. When we download an app from Google Play, there is loaded games by .apk extention.

Go to Google Play and download ArduinoDroid APK to your mobile phone. You need to log in to prepare your device to over-the-air loading procesdure.

Step 2: Make the Connection Between Arduino and Android Phone

Now, use otg cable and Arduino's cable to connect everything according to the schema. When you did, you can see Arduino Mega board is running. It's running LED is working.

Step 3: The Application Configures

Open ArduinoDroid application;

1. Click on three dots on top right panel >> Sketch >> Examples >> Basics >> Blink

2. click on three dots on top right panel >> Settings >> Board Type >> Mega 2560 or Mega ADK

After the selection, click on compile button then click on upload button.

Now you did the blink code uploading. Well done. (If you got errors,check your cable connections. Some cables are only support power not data. Double check please)

Step 4: The Result

Now, you can upload any codes to Arduino Mega board.


That's all !

Step 5: BONUS: Reading This Instructable

NOTE: This instructable's step is aimed for visually impaired people to hear the sentences to learn what's going on here. Watch the video, it explains all steps.

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